The Options People Have for Memory Foam Mattresses

A mattress is a very subjective thing and what works for one person doesn’t work at all for another, even if they have a mattress that the experts recommend. However, when a person is suffering from lower back pain on a regular basis, a popular type of mattress that offers many people relief is a memory foam mattress.

Why Memory Foam?

The reason why a memory foam mattress tends to work the best is it offers enough support while it contours to a persons curves. Some people feel like this is all they need to hear and moving forward, a memory foam mattress is the only one that will do. However, when they actually start shopping for a memory foam mattress it becomes apparent that there are many different types of memory foam and finding the right memory foam is essential.

The Standard

Standard memory foam is an easy choice and it is widely available. In addition, since it has been around for so long, the prices for a memory foam mattress have come down quite a bit throughout the years. However, one downside is that with all the softness and support offered by memory foam, and the lower costs, these mattresses are known for being a bit warm to sleep on. This can be a real problem because some people tend to run a bit hot while sleeping, and a bed that doesn’t breath can make for a very uncomfortable night of sleep.


Gel memory foam mattresses are similar to the memory foam found in shoe inserts. This type of mattress is extremely durable. However, where this mattress really excels is for people who suffer from lower back pain. This mattress, offers a bit more firmness than a standard memory foam mattress but still contours to a person’s body.

Cooler Memory Foam

Air cooled memory mattresses are a response to the heat that builds up in a standard or gel memory foam mattress. This allows heat to escape the mattress and offers a cooler sleeping experience, much similar to a standard spring mattress.

When it comes to standard spring mattresses, the options are plentiful. Add in the memory foam mattress options and you’re going to have quite a task on your hands picking the right one. However, if you’d like to learn more about your options, you may want to check out this website.